Astilbe Perennial Shrub Diseases:

Flower Failure:

Symptoms-Plants do not flower but otherwise appear healthy.

Management- Divide and replant to alleviate overcrowding.

Foliar Nematode:

Symptoms-Brown areas on the leaf are restricted in shape by leaf veins. These angular spots are usually seen on the lower leaves.

Management-Remove the leaves showing symptoms. Thin dense clumps to improve air circulation and irrigate in a manner that keeps water off the foliage

Leaf Scorch:

Symptoms-Margins of leaves turn red to reddish-brown.

Management-Move the plants to a shady, moist location. Note that leafhopper feeding can also cause leaf tips to redden and brown.

Leaf Spot:

Symptoms-Well defined dead spots form on leaves. Under ideal conditions of wet weather, spots merge and result in large dead areas on the leaf.

Management-Apply PureSpray Green to entire plant to help prevent and control leaf spot. Buy PureSpray Green Now!

Powdery Mildew:

Symptoms-White fungal growth develops on the upper surface of leaves.

Management-Apply PureSpray Green. An all organic spray that works great for controlling powdery mildew. BUY NOW

Root Knot Nematode:

Symptoms-Galls form on roots and plants may be stunted.

Management-Remove infected plants. Cultivate the area to remove all plants and leave the soil bare for a growing season


Symptoms-Plants are yellowed but roots appear healthy.

Management- Remove infected plants.


Symptoms-Plants are stunted or wilted and have brown sunken dead areas on the stem near the soil line.

Management- Remove infected plants.

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