Improve the appearance of your driveway!

A driveway is the entrance to your house; it should be appealing as it will be one of the first impressions made to visitors. It has to be kept in top condition if you want to have your home looking it’s maximum value. As more homeowners grow tired of looking at their ugly, stained cracked concrete, dirt or asphalt driveway they are turning to beautiful, durable and maintenance free paver driveways.
A well-chosen and properly installed driveway can add to the aesthetic appeal of your home, create opportunities for landscaping focal points, and significantly increase the value of your property.

Enrich your Kingdom!

Your home is your castle, where sharing memories is as much fun as creating them. When you are looking to create a backyard entertainment area, nothing looks better than beautifully designed and installed brick paver patio and no one does this better than Kiefer Landscaping. With brick patios you have so many more options to choose from then concrete. There are numerous color choices in which you can mix and match. You can also choose from several different patterns, all of which will enhance the beauty of your patio and make it stand above the rest. Our experienced designers can design a patio to meet your specific needs no matter the requirements. Whether you need a change in elevation to get a two tier look or you need to incorporate some existing elements, we can make it happen!

Make your entrance grand!

Paver walkways are your welcome mat to your home. It defines who you are. Whether you want a traditional brick path or a natural stone textured walkway; a paver walkway adds a touch of class to any style of home. Paver walkways are quickly becoming the paving surface of choice. There are hundreds of styles, colors and design details that Kiefer Landscaping can customize for you and the way you live your life. Call today for your FREE estimate to enhance your beautiful outdoor environment!

Make your landscaping stand out!

When it comes to upgrading existing landscape beds or installing new ones, we recommend starting with a brick paver edging. Nothing looks sharper than lining your new or improved landscape bed with a beautiful flowing brick edge. With many colors to choose from in the Paverlock Series such as: Charcoal, Granite, Hampton Blend, Harvest Blend, Heritage Buff, Ottawa Cree I & II, & Sandstone. There is sure to be a selection for every home and landscape. The installation uses a brick edger to cut out the bed line and angle so the pavers will be even with the turf on the outside, sloping up to show the appearance of the paver and create a lip on the bed to help hold in the decorative rock or mulch. Feel free to take a look at our Brick Paving Gallery to get a few ideas for your next landscaping project!

Brick Paver Patterns

Color Choices: Oxford (also available in tumbled)

Charcoal Black


Hampton Blend

Hampton Green

Harvest Blend

Heritage Buff

Ottawa Creek 1

Ottawa Creek 2

Color Choices: Cold Stream Tumbled




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