Burning Bush Dwarf

Description: Burning Bush shrubs are one of the most striking flowering shrubs with dark green leaves from spring through summer. Then, the leaves of the burning bush turn brilliant red for amazing fall foliage when planted in full sun. These deep dark red leaves of the Dwarf Burning Bush shrub are what set these plants apart from most other shrubs. Tolerant of shade, the Dwarf Burning Bush shrub requires full sun to produce its vibrant red fall color. Burning Bush shrubs transplant easily and may be sheared for a more compact size. The bark of the braches holds winter snow, outlining the plants interesting branching structure. The orange red fruit produced by the Burning Bush is good as winter food for feeding winter wildlife. This deciduous bush withstands acidic or alkaline soils and a wide range of temperatures. Established Dwarf Burning Bush shrub can take some drought.
Common Name: Dwarf Burning Bush
Scientific Name: Euonymus alatus compactus
Type: Perennial, Shrub
Exposure: Full Sun
Size: 4-5" height, 4-5" spread
Bloom Color: Small Orange / Red fruit
Bloom Period: Fall
Foliage Color: Green in Summer / Red in Fall
Landscape Use: Hedge, Screen, Specimen Plant, Foundation Planting
Soil: Well-Drained
Growth Rate: Fast
Zone: 4 - 8
Companion Plants: Ornamental Grasses, Bleeding Heart, Columbine, Ferns, Viburnum, Japanese Maple, Dark Knight Caryopteris

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