Dogwood, White


Description: The White Flowering Dogwood has beautiful white blossoms. The White Flowering Dogwood has an excellent show of white blossoms in Spring, and bright red berries in Fall and winter. It is planted as a specimen, near a patio, or in groupings. It is a low branching tree that spreads horizontally and has a semi-rounded top. Does best in sun to part shade. This deciduous tree does best in well-drained acidic soil with sufficient organic matter. The flowers unfold from the round, conspicuous, gray winter flower buds before the leaves come out. They open in May. The fuit is a bright scarlet, relished by birds, squirrels, and other animals, which often eat the fruit before it colors and matures, usually between September and November. The wood is hard, heavy, strong, very close-grained, and brown to red in color.

Common Name: White Flowering Dogwood

Scientific Name: Cornus florida 'White'

Type: Tree

Exposure: Full Sun - Partial Shade

Size: 15-25' height, 15-25' spread

Summer Foliage Color: Green

Fall Foliage Color: Burgundy/Red

Bloom Color: White (Red fruit in Fall)

Bloom Period: Spring

Landscape Use: Entryway, Garden Pond, Outdoor Living Areas, Provides Shade, Small Groups, Woodland Border

Soil: Well-Drained, Acidic

Zone: 5 - 9

Growth Rate: Moderate

Companion Plants: Other Dogwood Trees, Oakleaf Hydrangeas



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