Ginkgo Tree


Description: The Ginkgo is a non-flowering tree with absolutely no close living relatives. The large fan shaped leaves of the branches of the Ginkgo tree are rich green and turn to a brilliant yellow in the fall. Ginkgo trees are exceptionally popular shade trees. The leaves of the Ginkgo tree will be a spectacular edition to your landscape, and is undisputed one of the best shade trees of all time. The Ginkgo tree is most famous as the brightest fall yellow color that glows brilliantly against the brown-black bark on the trunk.

Common Name: Ginkgo Tree

Scientific Name: Ginkgo biloba

Type: Deciduous, Tree

Exposure: Full Sun - Partial Shade

Size: 30-40' height, 20-30' spread

Summer Foliage Color: Green

Fall Foliage Color: Yellow

Landscape Use: Background, Focal Point Specimen, Garden Pond, Outdoor Living Areas, Property Value, Provides Shade, Small Groups, Street Tree, Woodland Border

Soil: Well-Drained

Zone: 3 - 8

Growth Rate: Moderate

Companion Plants: Spruce, Hollies



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