Grass, Love Blue


Description: Eragrostis elliottii, commonly known as love grass, is native to certain open woodlands, sandy areas and prairies in Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina. It is a fine-textured, warm season grass that is noted for its blue-green foliage and fluffy white flowers. 'Wind Dancer' features narrow (1/4 wide) blue-green leaves. White flower panicles appear in summer, turn tan by late summer as the seed ripens and finally lighten to straw hues in autumn. Flower panicles dance in the wind, hence the cultivar name. Additional common names for this species of grass include field love grass, blue love grass and Elliott's love grass.

Common Name: Love Blue Grass

Scientific Name: Eragrostis elliottii

Type: Perennial, Ornamental Grass

Exposure: Full - Partial Shade

Size: 2-3' height, 2-3' spread

Foliage Color: Blue

Bloom Color: Tan

Bloom Period: June - August

Landscape Use: Rock Garden, Erosion Control

Soil: Well-Drained

Zone: 7 - 9

Growth Rate: Moderate

Companion Plants: Yarrow, Aster, Coneflower, Daylily, Shasta daisy, Blanket Flower, Black Eyed Susan and Geranium

Maintenance: Cut back to 2" in late Fall or early Spring




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