Grass, Yaku Jima Dwarf Maiden


Description: 'Yaku Jima' is a clump-forming grass that is native to certain areas of Japan including the Island of Yaku Jima. It typically grows in a clump to 3-4' tall. Leaf blades (to 3/8'' wide) are green and arch gracefully downward. Tiny buffy flowers with red tinges emerge in fluffy panicles above the foliage in August-September. Panicles fade to silver in fall, but remain showy throughout winter. Foliage turns reddish-brown in fall fading to tan over winter. 'Yaku Jima' is sometimes described in commerce as being a dwarf form of Miscanthus sinensis 'Gracillimus'.

Common Name: Yaku Jima Dwarf Maiden Grass

Scientific Name: Miscanthus sinensis 'Yaku Jima'

Type: Perennial, Ornamental Grass

Exposure: Full Sun

Size: 3-4' foliage height, 4-5' bloom height, 3-4' spread

Foliage Color: Green

Bloom Color: Silver

Bloom Period: August

Landscape Use: Mass Groupings, Wild Gardens, Pond Banks

Soil: Well-Drained, Fertile

Zone: 5 - 7

Growth Rate: Moderate

Companion Plants: Aster, Fescues

Maintenance: Cut back to 6" in early Spring




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