Hosta, August Moon


Description: 'August Moon' Hosta has rounded, somewhat puckered gold foliage that holds its color well. White flowers have a touch of lavender coloring and can grow to 40" in height. Vigorous. The usefulness of this plant cannot be overstated. It is the epitome of low-maintenance gardening. Although most hostas prefer part shade, some do well in sunnier locations. Hostas prefer a humus-rich soil that will provide enough moisture in the dry months. The foliage is very striking throughout the growing season, and the fragrant flowers appear later in the summer. Hostas are oftentimes used as groundcover because they are so carefree, decorative, and so much variety is available.

Common Name: August Moon Hosta

Scientific Name: Hosta 'August Moon'

Type: Perennial

Exposure: 5 hours of direct sunlight, can tolerate full shade

Size: 20" height, 42" spread

Bloom Color: White, Lavender

Bloom Period: Late Summer

Landscape Use: Perennial Garden, Under Trees, Mass Planting, Focal Point

Soil: Well-Drained, Moist, Highly Organic

Zone: 4 - 8

Companion Plants: Bleeding Heart, Astilbe, Geranium, Big Blue Liriope, Foam Flower

Maintenance: Remove old foliage before new foliage emerges

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