Plant Informational Index

We can now ship shrubs and perennials Coast to coast! With the exception of California & Hawaii.

In our Plant Informational Index you will be able to find common & scientific names of plants, pictures of plants as well as a whole host of helpful background and care information associated with each specimen.

This is our typical plant inventory, however we can not guarantee availability. Please call or visit our garden center to verify availability of plants listed below or to inquire about any others you may desire!


Artemisia, Silver Mound


Coreopsis, Tequila Sunrise


Liriope, Big Blue


Aster, Woods Purple


Daylily, Corsair


Liriope, Variegated


Astilbe, Rock & Roll


Daylily, Custard Candy


Phlox, Bubble Gum


Astilbe, Rhythm & Blues


Daylily, Daring Deception


Phlox, Grape Lollipop


Bellflower, Blue Clips


Daylily, Happy Returns


Phlox, Creeping Blue


Bellflower, White Clips


Daylily, Ruby Stella


Phlox, Creeping Pink


Blanket Flower, Goblin


Daylily, Stella De Oro Yellow Pincushion Flower, Butterfly Blue
Blanket Flower, Tizzy


Dianthus, Fancy Knickers


Rupturewort, Sea Foam


Bugloss, Jack Frost


Dianthus, Frosty Fire


Salvia, May Night


Coneflower, Pink Double Delight


Dianthus, Spangled Star


Salvia, Sensation Rose


Coral Bells, Georgia Peach


Dianthus, Spotti Double


Sedum, Autumn Joy


Coral Bells, Plumb Pudding


Dianthus, Tiny Rubies


Verbena, Homestead Purple


Coreopsis, Moonbeam


Indigo, False Blue


Verbena, Silver Ann Pink
Coreopsis, Route 66 Jacob’s Ladder, Brise D’Anjou Viola, Etain
Artemisia, Oriental Limelight


Dianthus, Rasberry Swirl


Foamy Bells, Golden Zebra


Phlox, Creeping White


Lavender, Superior English


Foamy Bells, Solar Power


Phlox, Minnie Pearl


Peony, Kansas Red


Peony, Pink


Salvia, Snowhill


Sedum, Blue Spruce


Sedum, Maestro


Sedum, Angelina


Sedum, Purple Emperor



Abelia, Kaleidoscope


Burning Bush


Abelia, Mardi Gras


Butterfly Bush, Lo & Behold


Lilac, Bloomerang


Abelia, Rose Creek


Caryopteris, Dark Knight


Ninebark, Summer Wine


Abelia, Sunrise


Crapemyrtle, Pink Ruffles


Rose, Flower Carpet Amber


Abelia, Twist of Lime


Crapemyrtle, Tonto


Rose, Sunny Yellow Knock Out


Arborvitae, Emerald Green


Deutzia, Nikko Slender (white)


Rose, Double Knock Out (red)


Arborvitae, Mr. Bowling Ball


Dogwood, Variegated Red Twig


Rose, Double Knock Out (pink)


Azalea, Autumn Sangria Encore


Elderberry, Black Lace


Rose, White Out


Azalea, Autumn Sunset Encore


Holly, Royal Family


Spirea, Goldmound


Azalea, Autumn Twist Encore


Holly, Sky Pencil


Spirea, Magic Carpet


Azalea, Crimson


Honeysuckle, Cool Splash Dwarf


Spirea, Red Anthony Waterer


Azalea, Hot Shot


Hydrangea, Bella Anna


Spirea, Shirobana


Azalea Pleasant Girard


Hydrangea, Blushing Bride


Spirea, Sundrop


Bamboo, Firepower


Hydrangea, Endless Summer


Spirea, Superstar


Barberry, Cabernet


Hydrangea, Lady In Red
Sumac, Tiger Eyes


Boxwood, Green Mountain Pyramidal


Hydrangea, Nikko Blue


Weigela, Dark Horse


Boxwood, Green Tower


Hydrangea, Twist-N-Shout


Weigela, Midnight Wine


Boxwood, Green Velvet


Juniper, Blue Point


Weigela, My Monet


Boxwood, Variegated


Juniper, Spartan Spiral



Grass, Adagio Dwarf Maiden Grass, Little Zebra Grass, Red Silver Maiden
Grass, Blue Heaven Little Bluestem Grass, Love Blue Grass, Regal Mist
Grass, Elijah Blue Fescue Grass, Maiden Grass, River Mist
Grass, Everest Grass, Maiden Cabaret Grass, Sedge Blue Gray
Grass, Feather Reed Karl Foerster Grass, Maiden Little Kitten Grass, Sedge Ice Dance Japanese
Grass, Feather Reed Overdam Grass, Mondo Grass, Sedge Variegated Palm
Grass, Flame Grass, Mondo Black Grass, Switch Shenandoah
Grass, Fountain Fireworks Grass, Pampas Hardy Grass, Variegated Jap. Silver
Grass, Fountain Hameln Dwarf Grass, Pampas Pink Grass, Yaku Jima Dwarf Maiden
Grass, Fountain Karley Rose Grass, Porcupine
Grass, Fountain Purple Grass, Prairie Dropseed
Grass, Japanese Forest Golden Grass, Red Baron


August Moon Great Expectations Prairie Sky
Big Daddy Guacamole Regal Splendour
Blue Angel June Sagae
Blue Mouse Ears Krossa Regal So Sweet
Dream Weaver Liberty Stained Glass
Earth Angel Night Before Christmas Strip Tease
Fragrant Bouquet Paradijm Sum & Substance
Francee Patriot Sun Power
Golden Tiara Paul’s Glory Variegated
Blue Cherub Fantabulous Fire Island
First Frost Frosted Mouse Ears Hadspen Blue
Lakeside Kaleidoscope Love Pat Loyalist
Minuteman Olive Bailey Langdon Pilgrim


Althea, Ardens (Purple) Hydrangea, Limelight Pine, White
Althea, Lucy (Red) Juniper, Daub’s Frosted Plum, Thundercloud
Birch, River Lilac, Miss Kim Redbud, Lavender Twist
Burning Bush (tree form) Locust, Twisty Baby Rose, Knock Out
Caragana, Walker Magnolia, Bracken Brown Beauty Serviceberry, Autumn Brilliance
Cherry, Kwanzan Maple, Bloodgood Japanese Spruce, Blue
Cherry, Double Weeping Maple, Crimson King Spruce, Blue Globe (tree form)
Crabapple, Tina Maple, Red Sunset Weigela, Wine & Rose
Crapemyrtle, Zuni Maple, Shirazz Willow, Dappled
Cypress, False Dwarf Maple, Tamukeyama Willow, Golden Curls
Dogwood, Pink Maple, Variegated Willow, Weeping Pussy
Dogwood, White Mimosa Willow, Weeping Wisconsin
Euonymus, Emerald Gaiety Oak, Northern Red Wisteria, Amethyst Falls
Ginko Oak, Pin
Hemlock, Canadian Pear, Chanticleer

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