Sedum, Blue Spruce


 Description: 'Blue Spruce' has blue foliage indicative of the Blue Spruce Evergreen. It is a drought tolerant evergreen perennial that produces yellow flowers adding superb accent colors for containers, rock gardens, and as a groundcover.

Common Name: Blue Spruce Sedum

Scientific Name: Sedum reflexum 'Blue Spruce'

Type: Perennial / Evergreen

Exposure: Partial - Full Sun

Size: 5" height, 15-18" spread

Bloom Color: Yellow flowers in Early Summer

Landscape Use: Containers, Hanging Baskets, Beds, Ground Cover, Edging


Zone: 3 - 11

Companion Plants: Ice Plant, Candy Tuff, Fescue, Coneflower, Knockout Rose

Maintenance: Low


*Butterfly Lovers, Cold Hardy, Color Change, Deer resistant, Drought Tolerant, Easy Care, Evergreen, Fast Growing, Fall color, Heat tolerant


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