Spruce, Colorado Blue


Description: Colorado Blue Spruce has beautiful silvery blue-green needles that set it apart in the evergreen family, and it has become one of the country's most popular ornamentals. Often as tall as it is wide; it is pyramid-shaped. It prefers soil that is a bit heavier, all-day sun and open air circulation. The Blue Spruce is probably the most drought-tolerant of all spruces, and one of the few not bothered by deer. This stately conifer is often planted as a windbreak or as an ornamental in a large yard, and is a common landscape element on commercial properties because of its easy maintenance.

Common Name: Colorado Blue Spruce

Scientific Name: Picea pungens

Type: Evergreen, Tree

Exposure: Full Sun - Partial Shade

Size: 30-60' height, 10-20' spread

Foliage Color: Blue/Grey

Landscape Use: Screens, Entryway, Erosion Control, Focal Point Specimen, Frame Structure, Outdoor Living Areas, Small Groups, Woodland Border, Wind break

Soil: Well-Drained

Zone: 3 - 7

Growth Rate: Moderate

Companion Plants: Pine, Juniper, Hemlock, Coneflower




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