Sumac, Tiger Eyes


Description:  Tiger Eyes Sumac is a golden-leaved, dwarf, slow-spreading selection that is a valuable addition to the landscape. Tiger Eyes Sumac's striking foliage gives this plant a long season of interest with deeply-cut, almost lacy leaves. The new growth starts out a vivid chartreuse, but soon changes to a bright yellow. It remains that color throughout the growing season, without burning even in full sun. In autumn the plants turn a brilliant scarlet-orange layered over the yellow, for an impressive, luminous show. The fuzzy-looking, purplish-pink stems offer a pleasing contrast to the lemony foliage. The plant has an open, loose form with a flat crown, and the branches angle upward, while the lacy leaves droop downward, resulting in an elegant overall look. The branches in winter can be quite pleasing.

Common Name:  Tiger Eyes Sumac

Scientific Name:  Rhus typhina 'Bailtiger

Type:  Perennial, Shrub

Exposure:  Partial - Full Sun

Size:  5-6' height, 5-6" spread

Foliage Color:  Green / Yellow in the Spring. Yellow, Scarlet, Orange in the Fall.

Landscape Use:  Rock Gardens, Landscape Specimen, Accent Plant, Near Water Gardens or Ponds

Soil:  Well-Drained

Growth Rate:  Moderate

Zone:  4 - 8

Companion Plants:  Karl Foerster Feather Reed Grass, Catmint, Daylily, Blanket Flower, Tall Evergreens


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