Weigela, My Monet



Description:  My Monet Weigela is the first dwarf variegated Weigela to be introduced. Its tight habit and colorful foliage make it very versatile. Variegation changes depending on light exposure - whiter variegation in shade and pink variegation in full sun. Possible applications include an artistic drift along the edge of an annual or perennial bed or as an accent piece in a container. My Monet creates adds a splash of color to any garden.

Common Name: My Monet Weigela

 Scientific Name: Weigela florida 'Verweig'

Type: Perennial, Shrub

 Exposure: Partial - Full Sun

 Size: 18-24" height, 18-24" spread

 Bloom Color: Pink

 Bloom Period: Spring - Summer

 Foliage Color: Green with White & Pink Margins

 Landscape Use:  Rock Garden, Mass Groupings, Specimen, Border Plant

Soil: Well-Drained

Growth Rate: Moderate

Zone:  4 - 6

 Companion Plants: Hollies, Dwarf Alberta Spruce, Nikko Blue Hydrangea, Butterfly Bush, Pink Astilbe



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